4300 Sn63Pb37 Solder Wire (No Clean)


SKU: ICB97301

AMTECH’s water-washable, no-clean 4300 Sn63Pb37 solder wire is a low residue flux core solder designed for tin-lead hand soldering and re-work applications. The flux core provides sufficient activity to successfully solder bare copper, tin, silver, gold and other hard-to-solder surfaces. The flux is classified as REL0.

Manufacturer Item Number: 4025

Key Specifications/Technical Details

  • Diameter of .015 or .031corewire_photo2
  • 1 lb full reel
  • Flux Percentage 2.2%
  • Eutectic at 183°C
  • Expected shelf life is at least 36 month in normal conditions


  • Light amber residue
  • No-clean
  • Water-washable
  • Solder to bare copper and other hard to solder surfaces