Dross Reducer Powder HT-1 (LF)


SKU: ICB97502

Superior Dross Reducer is a white, inorganic powder formulated to clean the solder surface and allow usable metal to be regenerated, while encapsulating the metal oxides for disposal. It can be used in wave soldering and still tin/lead solder baths. Dross Reducer is specially formulated not to contain oil, fat, or chlorides, all of which interfere with board or component cleanliness. HT-1 is a variation designed for lead-free soldering operations.

Manufacturer: Superior 

IC Breakout Item Number: ICB97501

Key Specifications/Technical Details

  • 1 lb jar
  • Recommeded for tin/lead solder pot temperatures of 235-260°C/455-500°F
  • Does not contain oil, fat, or chlorides
  • Contains inorganic fluorides and should be handles with care. Take safety precautions.
  • Proper ventilation is necessary to avoid breathing the fumes
  • Two year long shelf life when stored away from heat, moisture, and water
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Eliminate solder dross issues
  • Extends the use of solder
  • May be used in wave soldering and still solder baths
  • Keep solder wave dynamics constistent
  • Designed for use with lead-free solder