2xN IDC Connector Breakout Board

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The 2xN IDC Connector breakout board is designed to be used with IDC connectors or any double row connector with 100 mil spacing. It also has a snap away board design that allows you to break the board into segments that match the size of the IDC connector.

Technical Details

Footprint Dimensions

Body (mm):


Pitch (mm):


Thermal Pad (mm):


Breakout Board Dimensions

Board Dimensions (mil):

700 x 3160

Board Thickness (mil):


Through-Hole Spacing (mil):

100 + 300 mil (X-axis)

100 mil (Y-axis)

Breakout Board Specifications

Board Layers:



Immersion Gold


1 oz

Traces (mil):


Trace Lengths (mil):


Pin/Through-Hole Count:

4 columns of 30 each

What's Included?

Parts Installed on Board:


Parts Included (but not installed):

2 qty- 30 PIN Single-Row Break Away Header(Black)

1 qty-30 PIN Double-Row Break Away Header (Yellow)

Additional Features

    • Easily identifiable PIN 1 indicator and PIN numbers
    • White silk “Label Pads” allow you to label the pins for quick reference
    • Extended through-hole pads make for an easy connection point for surface mount parts
    • Breadboard friendly pin spacing
    • All boards have been E-tested for failures and are RoHS compliant
…More details on our additional features can be found HERE


Datasheet (PDF)

(includes a 1:1 Scale Image of the board to ensure that it will be a good fit for your project!)
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