2xN IDC Connector Breakout Board

IC Breakout, LLC

SKU: ICB15001

The 2xN IDC Connector breakout board is designed to be used with IDC connectors or any double row connector with 100 mil spacing. It also has a snap away board design that allows you to break the board into segments that match the size of the IDC connector.

Technical Details

Footprint Dimensions

Body (mm):


Pitch (mm):


Thermal Pad (mm):


Breakout Board Dimensions

Board Dimensions (mil):

700 x 3160

Board Thickness (mil):


Through-Hole Spacing (mil):

100 + 300 mil (X-axis)

100 mil (Y-axis)

Breakout Board Specifications

Board Layers:



Immersion Gold


1 oz

Traces (mil):


Trace Lengths (mil):


Pin/Through-Hole Count:

4 columns of 30 each

What's Included?

Parts Installed on Board:


Parts Included (but not installed):

2 qty- 30 PIN Single-Row Break Away Header(Black)

1 qty-30 PIN Double-Row Break Away Header (Yellow)

Additional Features

    • Easily identifiable PIN 1 indicator and PIN numbers
    • White silk “Label Pads” allow you to label the pins for quick reference
    • Extended through-hole pads make for an easy connection point for surface mount parts
    • Breadboard friendly pin spacing
    • All boards have been E-tested for failures and are RoHS compliant
…More details on our additional features can be found HERE


Datasheet (PDF)

(includes a 1:1 Scale Image of the board to ensure that it will be a good fit for your project!)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Myk S.
These are Awesome!

I've ordered these three times now because they make interfacing IDC ribbon cables to my breadboard projects so easy. I also recently assembled this board using a 40 bin IDC socket (female connector) to create a way to mount Raspberry Pi boards directly onto a breadboard.

Thank you very much for the nice review you gave!

John Buonagurio
Great alternative to IDC passthrough sockets

This is a great little board for prototyping with IDC. I’m was originally using Samtec HLE sockets in a passthrough configuration, see part number HLE-105-02-G-DV-PE-BE for example, but the through-hole pins aren’t quite long enough to make contact on certain breadboards (I use 3M). This is a great alternative and you can use any 0.1” sockets and headers you want. Excellent soldermask and silkscreen quality and easy to breakaway.

Matt G.
Best solution I've found for IDC breakout!

This was a huge help in breadboard prototyping with IDC connectors! Finding this part saved me the trouble of having to design and order my own PCB.

My only suggestion is to separate the outer pins rows from the inner pin rows by another 0.1". When using a SHROUDED connector, the soldered connections of the outer pins mechanically interferes with the plastic shroud of the connector. This prevents the pins of the connector from fully seating into the inner pads. The connector pins got far enough into the pads that I was able to solder them in, but it'd be great if the shrouded connector was able to be fully seated to the board.

I'm happy - Thank you

The products arrived surprisingly fast in Europe and the delivery was faultless.

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