MSOP-10 Breakout Board (3.1 x 3.1 mm, 0.5 mm)

IC Breakout, LLC

SKU: ICB00470

This is a breakout board that was designed to be a DIP adapter for the MSOP-10 type SMD packages. Some of the SMD types that can be used with this board include: SOP, PSOP, TSOP, TSSOP 1, TSSOP 2, SSOP, MSOP, CSOP, EPTSSOP, HSOP, HTSSOP, QSOP, SOJ, BSOJ, TVSOP, VSSOP, VSP, VSO, SOIC.

Technical Details

Footprint Dimensions

Body (mm):

3.1 x 3.1

Pitch (mm):


Thermal Pad (mm):

1.88 x 1.57

Breakout Board Dimensions

Board Dimensions (mil):

410 x 480

Board Thickness (mil):


Through-Hole Spacing (mil):

300 mil (X-axis)

100 mil (Y-axis)

Breakout Board Specifications

Board Layers:



Immersion Gold


1 oz

Traces (mil)


Trace Lengths (mil):


Pin/Through-Hole Count:


What's Included?

Parts Installed on Board:


Parts Included (but not installed):

10 PIN Break Away Header (Straight)

Additional Features

    • Easily identifiable PIN 1 indicator and PIN numbers
    • White silk “Label Pads” allow you to label the pins for quick reference
    • Extended through-hole pads make for an easy connection point for surface mount parts
    • Breadboard friendly pin spacing
    • All boards have been E-tested for failures and are RoHS compliant
…More details on our additional features can be found HERE


(includes a 1:1 Scale Image of the board to ensure that it will be a good fit for your project!)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Very easy to use

Worked perfectly - I placed a very thin line of solder paste directly across each row of pads, not worrying about filling the space between pads - no more than a line of paste 0.6mm wide. The paste melted perfectly (using a MHP30 mini hot plate). Because the solder mask on the breakout board is between each pad, the solder doesn't stick/bridge between pads. I used Chipquik SMD291AX paste - it comes with a thin nozzle.

Roderick S.
High quality.

It should be easy to solder due to the gold plated, high quality traces.

Howard P.

Great service and well made pcb.

george r.
Works great.

I was a little worried that soldering that tiny little chip with such tight lead spacing was going to be a disaster. Not so. I ordered a fine soldering tip (0.2 mm width, 0.1 mm radius of curvature), read up on the technique, got out my giant magnifying glass, tweezers and proceeded slowly. Absolutely no problems, all the leads have continuity with the pads, and the breakout board did its job nicely. The product is good and arrives fast. My only negative experience was with the online order process for credit cards. Just wouldn't go through (yet I use the same card several times a day elsewhere with no problems). I ended up having to use PayPal.

Theodore S.
Works well as a VSSOP-10 breakout

Included everything I would want from a breakout and it was easy to solder to. The ENIG finish was a nice touch.

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