MicroSD Breakout Board

IC Breakout, LLC

SKU: ICB00415

The MicroSD breakout board has all of the support components to use a MicroSD card.  You don't need to add any pull-up resistors or  a power decoupling capacitor, it's all on board for you.  The SD card hangs over for easy removal and insertion.


Manufacturer: IC Breakout, LLC
Manufacturer Part Number: ICB00415
Parts on board: MicroSD connector, 100k resistor array, .1uF Capacitor, 22k resistor
Parts included: 8-PIN Header (break-away)

Key Specifications/Technical Details

  • 100 mil (0.24 mm) standard through holes
  • 10 mil traces
  • All trace lengths, under 150 mil
  • 1 oz copper
  • Finish: Immersion Gold
  • Board has been E-tested for failures


  • Pin labels on top and bottom
  • Breadboard friendly
  • Support components on board
  • Extended through hole pads
  • Pin labels