TSSOP-14 Breakout Board (5x4.4 mm, 0.65 mm)

IC Breakout, LLC

SKU: ICB00570

The TSSOP-14 breakout board was designed for the TSSOP-14 type SMD packages.  You may be able to use with MSOP,  SOIC-14 to 4, type surface mount IC's (check measurements first). Designed to fit standard breadboards for testing small IC's and prototyping projects.

 Parts on board: None

Parts included: 14-PIN Header (break-away)

Key Specifications/Technical Details

  • Pitch - 0.65mm

  • Body - 5 mm x 4.4 mm

  • 100 mil (0.24mm) standard through holes

  • 300 mil spacing between through holes

  • 10 mil traces

  • All trace lengths, under 1000 mil

  • 1 oz copper

  • Finish: Immersion Gold

  • E-tested  PCB for failures


  • White silk "label pad" area

  • Pin 1 designator

  • Extended through hole pads

  • Pin number on each pin